Aikido Throws

Develop the skill to take an opponent down and remain standing.  Why risk exposing yourself on the ground if you don't have to.   


For decades, law enforcement has been utilizing Aikido techniques.  Aikido techniques are efficient and they work. 

Aikido Striking

Develop the abiilty to effortlessly strike with both your hands and feet.  It's the opposite of what most of you might think.     

Multiple attackers

It is common practice to position yourself against multiple attackers when training in Aikido.  The only way to improve this skill is to practice it.     


Martial arts Training

Take advantage of our online special.  Get6 weeks of training at Tri City Aikido for just $99.00!  As an adult, that gets you 4 classes a week.  Aikido is a great outlet for fitness.  You can work out, lose wieght and feel great all while learning a martial art.  Fitness is a huge priority in society now a days.  The problem with just doing one thing, like running on a treadmill, can lack the mental challenge most of us need to better ourselves.  Our training facility is clean, pleasant and inviting.  There is not need to make an appointment.  All you have to do is go to our "Getting Started" page and follow the directions.  It's simple and fast and you could be training in the next few days.    

Aikido for Children

We start our kids off as early as 4 years old.  There is No experience necessary to start training.  Aikido is a martial art, not a sport art.  The difference is huge, but on a superficial level, there is no combative competition.  It's always a plus to start your child off in life with confidence builiding Martial arts training.  The sooner you begin them, the bigger the advantage that person will have later on in life.  

For ages 7-11, there are 4 classes a week.  We cover everything from physical fitness, techniques all the way to goal setting.  It's always best to come in and view the class to get real answers to any questions you may have.  Training as a guest is always FREE the first time.

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