Aikido Throws

Going down to the ground is common place when training in Aikido, getting up without getting hurt takes skill 


There is a reason why law enforcement officers use Aikido techniques on the job.  They're efficient and they work.  

Aikido Striking

Develop the abiilty to effortlessly strike with both your hands and feet.  It's the opposite of what most of you might think.     

Multiple attackers

It is common practice at Tri City Aikido to study the tactics and strategy of dealing with multiple attackers.    

Aikido Training

$99 Special 

Take advantage of our online special.  Get 6 weeks of training at Tri City Aikido for just $99.00!  As an adult, that gets you 4 classes a week.  Even the kids get in on this deal.  Train with the regular students and try the school on for size. 

Aikido for Children - 

Classes available

If you have a child that is the age of 4 or older, than they qualify for classes.  No experience necessary.  Start your child off in life with confidence builiding Martial arts training.  The sooner you begin them, the bigger the advantage that person will have later on in life.  We start training children as early as 4 years old.