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Tri City Aikido dojo, school of martial arts in Newark, Fremont CA., is one of the most acknowledged and reputable martial arts training schools in the tri city area. Tri City Aikido has a successful 20 year history of teaching thousands of local people martial arts. Review after review has labeled Tri City Aikido as the best martial arts training availabel in the Fremont, Newark area. Tri City Aikido offers classes for adults as well as children (ages 4 and above). We specialize in the traditional martial art of Aikido. This is unlike mixed martial arts, like boxing, judo or karate. Aikido is a martial art that originates from Japan. Tri City Aikido dojo teaches in the same traditional format that is identical to the way Aikido is taught in Japan and that includes all the terminology and philosophy associated with the art. Traditional martial arts are more commonly referred to "Budo". In authentic Budo training, there is always weapons' training. When training at the Tri City Aikido dojo, you can expect just that. Aikido stems from a sword art (kenjitsu) that also employs the use of the staff (Bo jitsu) and knife (tanto jitsu).

The art of Aikido was designed by Morihei Ueshiba, a person who stood about 5'tall. Short in stature, Morihei Ueshiba better known as OSensei (Great teacher) because of the many master instructors and students he produced. With the use of Aikido, OSensei could easily manage a person much taller and larger than himself. How so? Aikido is based on the principle of nonresistance. In other words, we teach you how not to struggle when dealing with a conflict. If you struggle during conflict, then you are fighting. You may compare this methodology to a Matador dealing with a charging bull. Keep in mind, a bull can flip a small car, yet a Matador can move with ease while leading the bulls action and avoiding the charge.

Aikido is extremely different from other martial arts. How so? Most martial arts teach you how to "Collide" with the opponent. This method works best when you are the biggest and strongest practitioner. Aikido offers an approach which will equalize the situation. You will learn to strip the power of the opponent so they are weak and off balance. Aikido is highly efficient in its application that employs physics for the optimum effect. In Aikido training, expect to use the least amount of effort to get the largest effect possible.
Unlike sport martial arts, there is no competition in budo or Aikido. Training in a budo like Aikido basically means not hurting anyone unless absolutely necessary. Instead, the focus of the training is on the positive shifting, shaping and honing of a better self. If you can conquer yourself than any other obstacle in your life will be hurdled with ease. Of course, the physical aspect of the art is very positive as well. You will move, stretch and work that body thoroughly in class. It's not uncommon to experience positive attributes like weight-loss and vitality all while learning a martial art. Fitness is a huge priority in society and it is common knowledge that, "Prevention is better than the cure". Get fit with Aikido. Our training facility is clean, pleasant and inviting.